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strong mothers, strong children – for generations

Project Home Indy

strong mothers, strong children – for generations


Jadah Found Her Inner Strength

Her Childhood Was Difficult

When Jadah was 10 years old, her dad kicked her out of his house. While many of us were still playing tag at recess, Jadah’s dad put all of her belongings on the curb and told her to leave. Jadah went to live with her mom, where they often didn’t have hot water, heat, or food. When Jadah’s mom was arrested and incarcerated for drugs three years later, Jadah went back to her dad’s house. After her father physically assaulted her, Jadah left, and eventually lived on the streets.

At age 15, Jadah got pregnant. After her baby was born, she lived with her boyfriend’s mom. There, she was relegated to a storage room to sleep in a makeshift bed with no heat in winter. She had to sleep with her newborn baby on her chest to keep them both warm. The boyfriend’s mom treated Jadah poorly and inflicted much emotional abuse. After a few months, her boyfriend’s mom was arrested for drugs, and Jadah and her baby moved in with another family.

Sadly, though, this family did not take good care of Jadah. The family called her “Cinderella” and forced her to cook, clean, and take care of the house. The house was dirty, the family flicked cigarette ashes on the floor, and Jadah feared for her baby’s safety.

Finally, when she was 17, Jadah found a safe, supportive, and nurturing family. Jadah found Project Home Indy.

Project Home Indy helped Jadah find her inner strength, to believe in herself, and to realize she is important. Jadah doesn’t feel she has changed while living at Project Home Indy. Rather, she feels the untapped ability to achieve has always been within her. Jadah says:

“The most important thing I learned at PHI is that you can’t sit around waiting for things to happen. You have to get out there and work hard to reach your goals.”

Jadah's Future Is Brighter

Jadah is working hard to be the best mom she can be. And her daughter’s smile proves it. Jadah has learned to take great care of her baby, to put her child’s needs first, and to form a loving bond with her daughter. Jadah’s baby is safe, healthy, and lives in a structured, stable home.

Jadah’s formal education had ended in 7th grade, but after coming to PHI, she had the resources, encouragement, and structure to complete her high school equivalency, enroll in vocational school, and work toward her career goals.

PHI gives our moms guidance, tools, opportunities, and a lot of encouragement. But our moms must work hard to achieve their own goals. Our moms are breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect. They truly learn how to be independent. And they can sustain it.

All of this is possible because of you. Thank you for supporting Project Home Indy’s educational programming, healthcare initiatives, and independent living skills training. And thank you for supporting moms like Jadah, who have the power to succeed.

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