Project Home Indy

strong mothers, strong children – for generations

Project Home Indy

strong mothers, strong children – for generations


Bella's Story

Safety. Support. Love.

Three words that should be familiar to every child—but sadly, were unknown to Bella. At the young age of 7, the state removed Bella from her mother because her home was not safe. Throughout the rest of her childhood, Bella was frequently moved from place to place—living with her aunt or her grandmother or her mother.

Because of this instability, Bella attended 12 different schools throughout her childhood. After Bella got pregnant at the beginning of her sophomore year, she stopped attending high school.

With no real place to call home, no stability, and no support, Bella came to Project Home Indy.

Project Home Indy provides holistic, trauma-informed services to teen mothers to create successful futures for themselves and for their children. Through intensive therapy and a supportive, nurturing environment, PHI helps young moms build their inner strength so they can reach their full potential. As our young moms heal from the wounds of their pasts, they can move forward to becoming independent adults and amazing parents. They can create a better life for their children.

Bella wiped tears from her eyes as she discussed her accomplishments since arriving at PHI in May 2014. When she arrived at PHI, she didn’t have a home, she didn’t care about school, she didn’t have anyone to support her, and she didn’t see her future. Through PHI, Bella finally has supportive, caring adults who guide and encourage her. She feels loved.

Now, Bella and her husband are renting to own their home. She is in school and planning for her future. She’s a loving mother, a good mother.

Project. Home. Indy. Three words that helped Bella build her inner strength, realize her potential, and create lasting change for her family.

We are able to offer our life-changing program because of your generous donations. Will you make a gift today to help moms, like Bella, as they break free from generations of poverty and help create lasting change for future generations?

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