Project Home Indy

strong mothers, strong children – for generations

Project Home Indy

strong mothers, strong children – for generations


Project Home Indy’s 20/20 Challenge

42 Volunteers in honor of 42 Families

In honor of the 42 families PHI has served, we are seeking 42 generous volunteers to accept the 20/20 challenge. These amazing volunteers are each getting 20 friends to give $20. Together, they will raise $16,800 to help young moms in need. Together, they will make the world a brighter place for our young families.

Would you consider accepting the 20/20 challenge?
Would you consider donating $20 to help change the lives of young moms in need? 

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Kristen Schunk Moreland

As one of the co-founders of Project Home Indy this is a cause near and dear to my heart. I'm proud of PHI and how it has grown as an organization over the past 7 years... (read more)

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Gwen Keller-Lusk

My mom had me when she was 19 years old. I distinctly remember turning 19 and thinking how overwhelming the responsibility of a baby would be, and I came from a solid middle class background and was enrolled in college. When I learned about the mission of PHI... (read more)

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Emily Hutcherson

Project Home Indy is such an incredible place!! I have seen firsthand, through volunteering, how the lives of these girls change! It is a safe and loving home, and it truly changes them for the better. (read more)

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Ashleih Cheshire

For mothers to have a safe and loving environment for their families. (read more)

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Caitlin Schroeder

PHI breaks the cycle of abuse of poverty and gives moms and their babies a chance to succeed. (read more)

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Kate Howe

Project Home Indy makes a difference in the lives of young moms and their children, helping to guide them toward self-sufficiency and end the cycle of poverty. (read more)

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Andrew and Tabbatha Collier

We support Project Home Indy because the work they do is breaking the cycle of poverty & neglect one young family at a time. We believe in their mission to provide holistic, trauma-informed services... (read more)

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Chassidy King's Highgarden Real Estate Team

I was a single, teen parent. The only difference between me and the residents of Project Home Indy is that I has a solid supportive family (at least partially). I also happen to adore… (read more)

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Tracey Lemon

Project Home Indy is making a difference in the lives of young mothers and their children. From the practical to the strategic, PHI supports young women by helping them overcome… (read more)

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Sharissa Ulrey

PHI provides critical support for teen moms and their babies. Most of the teens they serve have been victims of some type of abuse for much of their lives, and PHI helps break that cycle... (read more)

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Gregg Keele

Everyone is worthy of love, and everyone deserves a chance to be happy. Babies born into trauma, poverty, and financial insecurity usually end life in the same place...but it doesn't have to be that way! I am here and so are you. We can change the World… (read more)

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Tracy Berens-Funk

I support Project Home Indy because these young families deserve a chance to thrive. I know what it's like to be a young single mom, but I had many supportive people in my life and none of the issues that come with generational poverty or geographic disadvantage. I was incredibly… (read more)

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Kara Monroe

PHI goes deep. The moms and babies that are supported by PHI receive 24/7/365 one on one intense support in nutrition, education, housing, parenting and more. (read more)

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