From the Girls


“I am grateful to live at PHI because I have a safe environment to take my baby to after I have her, and they offer many benefits that I would not have known about without coming here. They make sure I have everything I need and also what the baby needs. I am grateful to be here because I don’t know where I would go otherwise after the baby was born. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

-JP, Age 18

“I am grateful for PHI because they’ve allowed me and my son to live in a safe home and environment. Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience, I’ve accomplished a lot here. They took me in at a time of need when my child’s father passed away and I had nowhere to go. Now I’m in college and I have my GED. I’m transferring to IUPUI for the fall. PHI has helped me in many different ways-whether it’s with diapers, formula, or even a ride to go to take care of business that needs to be handled. For that, I am more than grateful!”

-KD, Age 17

“I’ve been doing very well! I have a job, and will be moving into my place after I turn 18, before the 28th! I’m very happy with who I’ve become today, and I couldn’t do more than thank the entire PHI staff and residents for increasing my drive! As I am pursuing my goals, I am currently saving also for my CAN classes! I’m so happy! But I wanted to thank you personally!”

-Previous Resident, KS, Age 17

From the Volunteers

“I am on the Project Home Board because I believe strongly in its mission to serve homeless teenage mothers. Further, I believe that anything we can do to help stabilize an at-risk family and prevent bringing children into a life of homelessness, poverty and deprivation we have a moral obligation to do.”

-Harry T. McFarland, Vice President

“I volunteer at PHI because I feel my donated time makes a difference to these girls that really need me! Being a teenager is hard enough, but to be a pregnant teen and on your own seems unfathomable! Giving my time to answer questions and help direct these girls to make them better mothers is not something you can put a price on…it makes me feel I have something priceless to give!”

-Cindy Dora, Mentor Mom